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Kindergarten Begins

We have started Homeschool Lite. I haven’t started “officially” because I’m still working on my lesson plans. I’ve got the start of an outline, and it will stay an outline until I get closer to each planned day when I … Continue reading

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Homeschool Beginnings

I don’t quite feel ready to post yet on my progress, because it will take so much time to gather all the stuff I’ve been pouring over and working with. I think I’m going to just have to dive in … Continue reading

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Three Months!

That’s right, it has been nearly three months since this cheerful little bean came into our lives. I may have done this twice before, but I have learned so much from this little guy. He is cheerful, and cuddly, and … Continue reading

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A year in abstract

So much to say and so little time! Let’s see if I can make a quick list of the most important. 1. New addition to the family! Baby Lachlan, our first little boy joined us in January. 2. Attempting to … Continue reading

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Local Farming

This is a topic that gets me really excited, so I will try very hard to keep the exclamation points to a minimum. It’s something that touches on the thing that makes me excited about making things. We live in … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning

I got this intense urge to clean and organize the kids’ toys and play area in the living room. So glad I did. Hopefully I’ll have more motivation to get into a routine of picking up regularly with the girls. … Continue reading

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Spinning…weaving…not knitting

So, a bad thing has happened in my life, that has really turned out to be a good thing. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. About two weeks ago I developed a pretty bad case of self-diagnosed carpel … Continue reading

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Growing Up!

My youngest has reached a milestone. Her own bed! She’s so excited. In other news, 20% off all my patterns for the month of March! (Price will be discounted at checkout)

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I don’t do hats. Oh I’ve done hats, but I don’t do hats. I can’t tell you how many hat failures I’ve had. Sure, there have been successes (the plurality of that word is a slight exaggeration). The failures outnumber … Continue reading

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Crochet Obsessions

This is what happens when an obsession comes on. I finish something like this in one night. Then I dream about all the others that I can make with my various stash yarn. I put some ribbon on the first … Continue reading

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