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What I Enjoy

Getting some help from my big girl to wind yarn for a new project. I don’t need more projects on the needles (as I was reminded by going through old projects last night). However, I have learned that I should … Continue reading

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Pisgah State Park

We decided to go on a hike today. No, my husband decided and I couldn’t break his heart again and say I didn’t feel like it. I’m glad I went. I woke up really tired, and I still am, but … Continue reading

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Twirly Skirt

When your toddler asks you for her own twirly skirt (and you are of the crafty persuasion) how can you resist? I couldn’t. It’s a simple half circle skirt with a folded over waist band. This is a nice stretchy … Continue reading

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Busty Apron

Aprons are tough for me. I used to work at a cafe wearing a standard sized apron made to fit a large number of people. The chest panel of this apron was not suitable for a busty person such as … Continue reading

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I attempted easter egg dyeing this year. I didn’t do our normal Paas dyes. Not buying foods with dyes in them, it just made sense to introduce that to our easter egg dyeing as well. Plus, the pictures of naturally … Continue reading

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Outdoor Play

We took advantage of the beautiful yet cool weather to play outside today. I got a little gardening done (really just pulling old growth and weeds). Elowen got to play in, and try to eat, the grass. She crawled after … Continue reading

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Today’s a day about dreaming and scheming. Wouldn’t it be great if I could earn some money while taking care of the kids at home? I’d love to buy a house. It’ll have a little bit of old character, a … Continue reading

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A Splash of Color

To welcome the explosion of color that spring brings, I’ve been working on a fun sewing project for myself. The fabric has been waiting for this project for months, and after purchasing the pattern for my birthday I got right … Continue reading

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