Chunky Cables

I love that cable needle, and I love chunky cables. It’s a wonder then why I’ve never used it before, nor have I ever really done a project with chunky cables. I’ve got a nice chunky alpaca/wool yarn, so I decided to give it a whirl. So far I’m loving this stitch pattern, despite all the mistakes I made while working on it this morning. It’s not terribly complicated, but not easy for the tired sleep deprived Mama.

My first turned 3 this week, and we had a fun little ice cream and cake party yesterday. She was very spoiled by our friends and family with gifts. She even shared some of them with Elowen. I am so proud of her as a big sister.

I made this really easy, tasty caramel sauce for the ice cream. No burning sugar, no thermometers, and no stress. It’s also quite tasty. We couldn’t have ice cream and cake without chocolate sauce either. We’ve got a ton left, and will be going back to the farm tomorrow for more strawberries. Yum!

Happy Father’s Day!

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