Kindergarten Begins

We have started Homeschool Lite. I haven’t started “officially” because I’m still working on my lesson plans. I’ve got the start of an outline, and it will stay an outline until I get closer to each planned day when I will flesh things out more. I still have a bit more planning to do, and I want to make sure everything is ready for my big reveal for our Australia unit. It’s challenging doing everything after they go to bed! It will be easier once we get started because I’ll be able to work on stuff during the day.

In the meantime, I’ve started a few things here and there whenever we have the chance. It’s probably better if we ease into a routine of doing school work. In addition to the nature sticker sheets (we’ve done a few of those), I’ve been trying to have the big girl do a daily homeschool journal. We missed a few days where I wasn’t feeling well, but we’ve been pretty good otherwise for the last week or so. It’s a very simple sheet that doesn’t take her much time to do if she focuses on it. It should be a nice way to go back through the year and watch her progress with handwriting, and to see the things she draws.

I’ve attached a copy of our template below to share. Each journal page takes up a half sheet of regular paper, and the bottom of each page is blank so she can write or draw whatever she likes. I’ve been cutting each page in half so they are free floating, but you could always print double sided and make a little booklet.


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