From 2006 to 2008, I recorded and edited audiobooks for Over the years, I get the occasional comment from those of you who have listened to my work. Thank you so much for sharing your kind words.

You can find a list of my recordings here: Kri’s Audiobooks

-Kristin LeMoine


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  1. Mark Gallo Avatar
    Mark Gallo

    I just wanted to say that you have a great reading voice, I drive a lot each day and love the librivox free books, at presant I am listerning to Ivanhoe, which I am enjoying very much. Have you read any other books? Cute family.

    1. Kri Avatar

      So glad you enjoy the recordings. You can see all my recordings here:

      You might also like recordings by Kara Shallenberg, or Annie Coleman. Chipdoc made some great ones too.

      1. Andrei Avatar

        Same as above user, I’m listening to Ivanhoe right now. Thanks for taking the time to record. Unfortunately the link above is not working.

  2. Dan E Avatar
    Dan E

    Hi Mrs LeMoine. I don’t know if this is somehow inappropriate and hope you’re able to delete it if it is, but just wanted to say I’ve heard you read various books (War and Peace, I think you read some of Nietzsche’s Anti-Christ, right? just finished Heart of Darkness). Just wanted to thank you for that. I’m a big fan… Oh wow! A whole catalogue (just saw that)!


  3. Dan E Avatar
    Dan E

    Excuse me for a moment just to add: the internet’s such a strange thing…

  4. Ford Avatar

    I am listening to your read the count of monte Cristo on librivox! Well done!

  5. Cherry Avatar

    Hi Kristin,

    It was a privilege to listen to your voice. I love how you read Coleridge’s The Rime of Ancient Mariner. Going to listen to all your recordings!

    Hong Kong

  6. Michael Avatar

    Been in love with your voice since 2008, when i listened to heart of darkness. think its awesome you’re still continuing.

    All the best,

  7. Krista Avatar

    Hi Kristin,
    I agree with Cherry. Rime of the Ancient Mariner is one of my all time favorite poems. I really enjoyed your reading of it. thank you and i look forward to more of your readings. You have a beautiful family. best wishes to you and yours.

    Krista N

  8. P. Lockwood Avatar
    P. Lockwood

    I must say you have a beautiful reading voice. For so many of the librivox recordings the narrators pop up and almost make the story come to a screeching halt, but when you read I got lost in the story. It is much appreciated. When you are driving for hours and hours on end it’s nice to have that one block where a voice is so refreshing to hear that you forget you’re driving at all. Thanks! (War and Peace)

  9. Chad Avatar

    Heard you last summer when I listened to “Heart of Darkness” and now am listening to “Count of Monte Cristo”. My biggest complaint is that you don’t read all the chapters!

  10. Ethan Kang Avatar

    Hi Kristin,
    Thank you so much for your recordings! I just listened to one of your Librivox stories and was quite amazed.
    I’m currently running a blog with 2,000 people visit per day. It’s a blog for Korean people who want to study English. I’m planning to post news articles that are in English with Korean translation and also hoping to attach audio files.
    So, I really need native speakers who can read and record the articles for my blog. I would be really grateful if you can be the first volunteer who will help me and Korean people who are willing to learn English.
    Could you please let me know if you’re interested?


  11. Penny Koubenec Avatar

    Hello, I just found your site (?). I’ve just started listening to The Story of Santa Clause on libroVox ( please forgive any errors). I’m a 56 year old mom of 3 grown children.
    I homeschooled all 3, they never attended public school. If you google my son Noah Koubenec, you can see a little about his outcome ( as a homeschooled kid) you can google Naomi my daughter – and see a little of her outcome and last but not least Abigail – she is 19 and is getting things put together for her life adventure. Please homeschool your precious children. It is obvious just hearing you read and reading things you’ve written , that you are a highly gifted young woman and mommy. You will never regret the choice. Your children will benefit from your wise and loving instruction far beyond what you can imagine. Let me be clear. I’m not even remotely as (obviously) gifted as you are. I know that God alone ( I’m a Christian ) enabled me to school my children. He protected them from much of my “ignorance” . I will say, I still love learning, adore children and love art of all forms. I also love to joke and laugh. We had so much fun growing and schooling together. My husband was and is our “essentials provider” . Dad didn’t do any of the schooling ( poor kids ! Left to crazy mom all day ! )
    The years flew by. All three of my kids had their associates degree before the age of 18. I left high school ( not proud of this) during my last semester senior year, due to some very difficult circumstances in my home life. I’ve been married 36 years, didn’t have Noah till 12 years into our marriage. Why do I mention all this trivia about myself ? Lol
    Because as I mentioned in the beginning – you my dear are gifted. There is no question about it. It would be obvious to anyone who read a little of your writings – and who heard your readings. As I also stated- I am like a worm by comparison ( sorry worms ) and my children have grow up to be fun, industrious, strong ( physically , mentally, spiritually) and intelligent young adults. Can’t call that any less than a miracle – given the fact that I schooled them ! Noah has his Masters done – he’s at The Citadel as an advisor among other things. Naomi had her bachelors before she was 21 . She loves what she’s doing and now has decided to get her RN as well. Abby is pursuing the study of constitutional law. Please. Homeschool your kids. Thanks for reading this. I’ve added your site to my home screen. I am happy and blessed, for certain, that I started listening to that story on libravox (?) lol . One more thing and then I promise I’ll stop “gushing” about your obvious talents. The beautiful whimsy that can be heard in your voice as you are reading this story, is absolutely delightful. Yep ! Another gift my dear !
    Thank you for enriching my life today. Thank you on behalf of anyone else, who hasn’t had the time to Thank You. Needless to say – I’m a fan.
    PS I don’t tell you this info for any reason except to encourage you more in the area of teaching your children. During my kids elementary years I went through kidney failure ( due to lupus) w 1 1/2 yrs of chemo to follow. Two years after – breast cancer, mastectomy 7 months more of chemo. Baldness for longer than I care to remember 🙂
    And we made it ! Kept on schooling through it ( thanks God ! ) no extended family around to help. My kids learned how to go through some tough challenges and keep on laughing and learning. I smile to think what your precious kids will glean from you as their teacher. Now I’ll shut up and sign off. Thanks again for giving all you give !

  12. Penny Koubenec Avatar

    Oops ! The Life and Adventures of Santa Clause
    Sorry for error on title :/

  13. Veronica Avatar

    Thanks for your Librivox recordings. I’m finally able to “read” The Count of Montecristo, thanks, in part, to you! You’re making this busy mama a happy girl.

  14. Gen Avatar

    Am enjoying your reading of Ivanhoe during my convalescence. I have not been ae to read much for the last few months and your podcast has been Just wonderful.
    Thanks so much.

  15. Betsy Avatar

    My son and I are listening to Ivanhoe. My son is ahead of me and he says that the reader changes and he prefers your voice! We are enjoying your reading! Also, good luck with homeschooling. My homeschoolers are 16 now. Loved the early days!
    Thank you and blessings!

  16. Kristin Avatar

    I’m glad you’re enjoying Ivanhoe! I wish I could have finished it, but things just got too crazy.

  17. Leslie P. Racowsky, D.M.D. Avatar

    Dear Kri —

    I’ve been listening to Libra Vox recording for I think nearly 10 years and your reading of Heart of Darkness stands out as better than outstanding. (I listened to it twice! I’ve never done that before.) Ms. Shallenberg and Ms. Coleman are also favorites of mine. I got that you also read War and Peace and Count of Monte Cristo and am wondering if there are any others. Could you advise?

  18. Vijay Raol Avatar
    Vijay Raol

    You did a wonderful job with “Ivanhoe”. I just started the audibook and I hope that it will be you reading throughout the book. May I suggest that you try some of Henty’s works?

  19. Michael Toivonen Avatar

    I have been very much enjoying your reading of Ivanhoe. The pace and clarity your reading possesses is a real pleasure. I am at chapter 10 and am fearing that when I have to transition to a new voice it will not be easy. Thank you for your effort in bring a favorite classic to life!

  20. Elizabeth Baker Avatar
    Elizabeth Baker

    You have excellent diction and can easily be understood. I listened to your IVANHOE with great enjoyment. It is a book I would never have had time to read, but listening to it was a delight and unexpected education.

  21. Tobeor Nottobe Avatar
    Tobeor Nottobe

    Dear Misty Green,

    Congratulations on being ten years free of LibriVox. (Those were the days!)
    Also, congratulations on having a life, a nice family, and nice hands. I like what your hands do; your art is very nice, which makes me think that your heart, too, must be very nice. Keep following that path with heart.
    Yours truly,
    Jocund Comrade

    I submitted the following errata report to Project Gutenberg :

    The P.G. offering of GreenKri’s reading of Heart of Darkness (20270) part 6 is incomplete in the mp3 version. It is missing approximately the last five minutes (~5MB).
    The ogg version is complete. I don’t know about the other formats.
    The mp3 version direct from Librivox is complete.

  22. Tim Luoma Avatar
    Tim Luoma

    Just had cataract surgery and had to turn to audiobooks. Chose Heart of Darkness and voila! there appeared the gentle and charming voice of Marlowe, a reassuring companion to take me into the unfathomable darkness of the Congo.

  23. Tevebaugh Avatar

    Omg, best “Heart of Darkness” read. Thank you for your work!

  24. Nate M Avatar
    Nate M

    Currently writing a big paper on Ivanhoe and your reading helped me so much; I can’t even put it in words.
    Thank you!

  25. Nathan Avatar

    Thanks, you helped to bring my favorite book to life.(Count of Monte Cristo) I really appreciate the work you put in. Great narration!!

  26. david Avatar

    Yes (ditto to a previous comment), your art looks very cool. Was led here after listening to your reading of Count of Monte Cristo. Inspires me to volunteer to read for Librivox. A lot of the great books are already taken! Ah, but there are always new titles falling into the Public Domain… Many thanks for helping keep great literature accessible and alive for future generations!


  27. Daniel Avatar

    I am recovering from an eye injury and listened to your reading of Heart of Darkness today. Thank you Kristin, I’m glad you took the time to make the recording.

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