Watercolor landscape painting of a forest trailhead with a wooden signboard.

A Blog, A Block



I think my feelings and experiences around art the last year or more would be considered a very classic case of Art Block. I tend to avoid that term, because it gives me disempowerment vibes. However, it makes sense looking back.

So here I am, going back to the blog. It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog, before the days of engagement, view counts, metrics. I wrote because I had a lot to say and share. I still do.

This painting feels a lot like a new beginning. I haven’t painted nothing in the last year. However, I feel pretty discouraged when I look on those paintings. I think what’s different is a sense of curiosity, pushing my skills, and a thoughtfulness in approach. I had a lot of feelings holding me back, and I think that’s what is at the heart of “art block”.

I’ve been so afraid to be seen with regards to my art, yet yearning for community. Those two things are so much at odds with each other. When validation gets tangled up with your self worth, the whole thing feels terrifying. I think I’ve finally climbed out of that hole for a good look around. Things are looking up.


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